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Two new partners in our ecosystem dedicated to alternative investments in Private Equity and Private Debt.

Feb 28, 2021 | Global Macro, Quant, Technology, Thematic

We are proud to announce two new partners in alternative investments: ACE&Cie for the Private Equity and Mikro Kapital for the Micro-Finance/EMTN

ACE & Company is a global investment management platform with total assets of over $1bn across three investment strategies. It is specialized in direct investments for private investors and supported by a perpetual investment group, ACE Investment Partners.

Mikro Kapital: The leading Direct Microfinance Operator on the Silk Road formed by EBRD team spin-off. Unlike Microfinance aggregators of MFIs, they issue European Medium Term Notes to finance directly +40,000 Entrepreneurs through Micro-Credit, Micro-Leasing, and Micro-Sharing of transportation (car-sharing). Over the last 13 years, MK issued EUR 1.3Bn of Luxembourg Sustainable Private Debt with zero default.

These partners bring another layer of high-quality services to improve our sourcing dedicated to our thematic in Hydrogen and Micro-Finance, and our OCIO services.

They complete the Quant and Reporting/ Perf Attribution services afford by Quantilia and DAPM.

Our Partners

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