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Beta / Alpha:
why to chose?

ALPHA needs time to generate returns. The diversity of today’s strategies is unprecedented.
Quantamental helps to navigate across asset classes and cycles.

Wealth Management Style

Wealth Management must digest new metrics and portfolio management style to become agile and robust in a more challenging world when Central Banks try to tight financial conditions.

Two methods to allocate alternative strategies and manage the Alpha:

  • Mirrored the Beta asset allocation
  • Create a complete independent Term Structure via Alternative investments.

Institutional Style

Core-satellite management has its origins in the desire to separate the part of the portfolio allocated to the achievement of a main objective of return (Core) from that which aims to generate higher or decorrelated returns (Satellite) from the Core.


Thus, the Core-Satellite approach is primarily intended to replicate market performance (beta) at its core level while at the same time benefiting from active management focused on the creation of added value (alpha). GATE Capital Management allows our client an agile and adaptative Core-Satellite investment allocation.


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