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Thematic : Global


Geopolitics help us to characterize the investment environment and our vision

Our strategies:

Global Tactical Opportunities (ETF Only)

Navigating through the geopolitical and macro landscapes to capture the rise of macro thematic, our process identifies key moments in the future to determine if we can implement strategical or tactical trades. Therefore, analyzing the risk/reward, we select a directional or a relative strategy.

Hydrogen Cleaner power on massive scale

$150bn to 2030 are needed, representing a wide range of investment opportunities in listed and private companies

Global 5G

Global 5G is a thematic you already heard before. GATE enhances this thematic adding the leader in 5G networks, aka China, to the USA. We also integrate the timeline of development and adoption, some services being not available before 2025

Global Space Age

We decided to focus our thematic on space-to-space ecosystem. SpaceX commoditized the low-orbit economy driving the satellite sector. The only sub-activities in low-orbital economy interesting us must be focused on commercial cargo and crew flights, and satellite manufacturers able to evolve their business into deep-space technology.


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