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China Disruptive Technology

Key Takeaways China Disruptive Technology

  • Disruptive innovations displace established products, firms that produce products and the market.
  • Geopolitics was no longer taught in University after WWII, wrongly accused of having fed the extremist ideology.
  • In the past few years, China has been making significant progress in modern technologies such as hypersonic weapons, targeted energy weapons, electromagnetic rail guns, counter-space weapons, quantum technology, blockchain technology, and unmanned and artificial intelligence-equipped weapons.
  • ‘Made in China 2025’ is aimed to boost China’s manufacturing by pushing up levels of manufacturing to the 4th level.
  • China is planning space-based a solar power station, a Mars exploration program (2020), and a colony on the moon for deep space exploration.

In order to understand where China stands today in disruptive technologies, it is imperative to analyze where they stand in each of the technologies mentioned above.

    More than the plan, the implementation seems to have been good. It is likely that China may get ahead of the advanced countries in some of the niche technologies that are being developed in the world.

Artificial Intelligence

Civilian applications

  • The Social Credit System to regulate corporate behavior and incentivize good financial and civic behavior among citizens.
  • The police cloud is a combination of artificial intelligence with cloud computing and big data analytics.
  • “Made in China 2025” is aimed to boost China’s manufacturing by pushing up the levels of manufacturing to the 4th level.

Artificial Intelligence in the military

  • Autonomous armed vehicles by using unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned underwater vessels and unmanned surface vessels.
  • Command decision-making and wargaming, and simulation.

Quantum Technology


    China took the world by surprise when she launched the world’s first quantum satellite named Micius.


    There have been reports that China has been experimenting with quantum radar. If made operational, this radar will be capable of detecting stealth aircraft and missiles. It will also be capable of detecting and attracting satellites.

Meteorology and simulation

Quantum resistance cryptography algorithm

Blockchain Technology

Civilian applications

  • Government groups, banks, and technology companies will publicly launch the Blockchain-based Service Network.
  • By the end of 2020, they hope to have nodes in 200 Chinese cities.
  • Blockchain technology is being used in the civil sector primarily in financial, transportation and logistics fields.

Artificial Intelligence in the military

  • In the military field, blockchain technology is being used for secure communication, interpretation of data through various sensors, and in naval operations to enable decentralization of weapon systems on different platforms.

Weather modification

  • China has attempted to modify the weather in Tibet
  • China and Russia have conducted a series of experiments to modify the earth’s atmosphere with high-frequency radio waves covering a huge area.

Space Technology

  • China is planning a space-based solar power station, a Mars exploration program (2020), and a colony on the moon for deepspace exploration.
  • China is also showing a growing interest in nanosatellites.
  • China by studying the gravitational wave, the study of the universe may be revolutionized.


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