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A new era has been set by Xi Jinping’s Government, moving focus from an intensive industrial development to an improving Chinese life standard and reinforcing domestic growth

Our strategies:

China Aging Society

By 2030, that total is projected to increase to 1billion,1 in every 8 of the earth’s inhabitants

China Smart Cities

There is significant opportunities for partnership with private tech companies looking to transform urban living

China Digital Economy

By 2027, it is expected that the digital economy will account for about half of China’s GDP and become the main driver of the country’s economic growth

China Disruptive Technology

Disruptive innovations displace established products, firms that produce products and the market

China Future Mobility

The nation once known more for technological imitation than innovation is now an international leader in electric vehicles and other next-generation mobility products

China Decarbonization 2060

China’s goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2060 would require investments of more than $5 trillion, which would include renewable power generation capacity

China Millennials

Millennials around the world are disrupting the way we do things from shopping to traveling and even working. Growing up during a period of high-paced economic growth and prosperity, China’s millennials tend to be more affluent, tech and digitally savvy, and open to new experiences.

China Energy Transition

China’s exploration and utilization of renewable energy remains world No.1 by the end of 2020

China Robotics

An increase of service robots and drones in public areas is very much expected for monitoring the crowd size, taking temperatures, or even as robotic waiters and deliverers


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